Saturday, March 29, 2014

How to Mend a Hole in a Vintage Sweater

I am a preppy at heart and I was ecstatic to happen upon several vintage cheerleading pieces, one of which was a pale yellow sweater with a great graphic letterman's patch. Unfortunately the wool had holes in several places, with an especially large area on the collar where the label was attached.  

This post really serves to bookmark the best instructional guide I found to mend sweater holes. There are quite a few floating around but this one was explained clearly,  the close up shots were great and she used contrasting thread which was very helpful. 

My only add-on advice is to be patient. It's tempting to pull the thread taught on the first pass but it was more effective to continue weaving and slowly bring the sides together. On the largest hole I had to do several extra passes. If the video shows two directions, a horizontal and vertical weave, I had to do two more at alternate 45° angles.

It's not perfect but it went from donate pile to "this sweater makes any day a perfectly reasonable occasion to wear a red satin hair ribbon."

Video and results after the jump!

Thanks to Learning Alterations:

My Results:

It's not a 'mint' sweater, but I was impressed with the "weaving with thread" results! These were large holes; if you are mending tiny moth holes, definitely give the technique a try. Your repair may be even less noticeable.

The collar hole was about 2" long.

Is anyone familiar with this label or the school that may have used this patch? I have not been able to find any information about the McMillan company. Please comment if you can help pinpoint a date or location for this sweater.

My husband says I don't need another sweater. Apparently, South Florida winters don't warrant the extensive assortment of sweaters, coats, and jackets I have accumulated. That's the hardest part about my job. Someday you can have a peak into my personal collection, but for now, this sweater is available to purchase on etsy and ebay.

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