Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Party Dress Project: Vintage Dress Repair and Easter Greetings!

Dress #1 of my "Party Dress Project", in which I repair or alter a collection of dresses in need of some TLC, is finally finished! How fitting that on Easter day, this revived dress is revealed.

Have a happy Easter and see how the dress was brought back to life after the jump!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Art of Vintage Prints

This week the shop has some great new items, and by chance, three of them have prints inspired by fine artists!

Vintage Clothing Prints

Vintage Clothing Prints

Get all of the details and lots more pictures after the jump!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Party Dress Project: Update on 1960's Cupcake Dress

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vintage party dress repair

As part of my TLC Party Dress Project, the transformation has started on this 1960s purple floral Nadine dress. The bottom of the floor length ruffle skirt was too faded to save - and a cupcake skirt is better in my book anyways. The puffy ruched sleeves will go too and then this charming spring dress will be ready. Visit often and like my facebook page to be the first to hear when its done and snag this beauty for an Easter brunch or garden party.

4/20/14 UPDATE: The dress is finished - see the final alterations here!

Favorite Dress, Meet My Favorite Shoes: 1950's Full Skirt Prom / Wedding Dress ♥Gold Polka Dots♥

vintage party dress
I am in love! This 50's taffeta full skirt party dress is covered in metallic gold polka dots! You can dance all night long with gorgeous heels or pair this dress with a denim jacket and sneakers to out-Taylor, Taylor Swift!

More photos after the jump!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dating Vintage Clothing: Union Labels, Metal Zippers, Seam Style and More! FREE PRINTABLE INFOGRAPHIC

vintage clothing infographic printable

Dating vintage clothing can be tricky as styles overlapped and were often revived in later decades. If you are new to collecting vintage clothing, my timeline printable will provide a great base for building your collection. For more experienced buyers I think you'll be thankful as I am to have all these tidbits in one easy reference place.  The pdf downloads below will print 8.5" x 11".

The easiest place to start is to look for a ILGWU union label on the collar or interior side seam. They varied over time and provide a general ball park as to when the garment was sewn. To pinpoint further you can search for the manufacturer with the US copyright and patent office. Preforming a TESS search will let you know when the company or line began and ended. (I will go through the trademark steps in the future in detail)  Other labels, zippers, buttons, seams and fabric can all provide clues to help you date a piece of clothing.  Nothing is set in stone but this will provide a quick reference point. Happy hunting!

There is a full color version with images and a simpler black and white timeline without photographs. You are welcome to share, but please link back to this blog entry. I'd love to hear your comments! Thanks! Gigi

vintage clothing guidehow to date vintage dress

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