Saturday, May 31, 2014


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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Easy DIY Vintage Upcycle Tutorial - Repurposed 1950s Cheer Jacket into Backpack

 If a garment with a fabulous print or to-die-for detail has too many flaws for normal wear up-cycle the piece into something new. In this case, I found a really fun 1950s satin cheerleading jacket. The color and appliqu├ęs were fantastic but the satin and elastic were in really rough shape. Too worn for wear, but appropriate for  a well worn backpack!

See how it was done after the jump!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Pin Up Photoshop Tutorial - Vintage Pin Up Photo Shoot

To celebrate the launch of my new Pin Up collection I did my own Pin Up photo shoot and would like to share some easy photoshop finishing tips.

I collect aprons and my favorite red bib apron is reminiscent of this one shown in a classic Elvgren painting:

Elvgren Pin Up Photo Shoot How To

Pin Up Photo Shoot Tutorial

Pin Up Photo Shoot Photoshop

Vintage Pin Up Tutorial Photoshop Finishing

Before we begin to feel bad about all the air brushing and shrinking, and erasing to follow - take a look at the original reference photographs for these Elvgren's paintings! These models were stunning, but that didn't prevent the artistic license to slim and enhance! 

Elvgren Pin Up Photo

Elvgren Pin Up Photo

Elvgren Pin Up Photo

I hope the following tips leave you confident enough to attempt your own photo shoot! From dressing up to hair and make-up the entire process is a ball. My only tip for shooting is to work in even light, preferably daylight, and don't be ashamed to take countless pictures. If you have a camera with a self timer - use it to quickly try different poses and expressions. You can tack up a sheet or pose in front of an empty wall. Or take the opportunity to set design with your favorite vintage decor.

Pin Up photoshop tutorial after the jump!

True Vintage Pin Up Costume Sale!

New Pin Up Collection, Now Available at the Shop!

The VINTAGELOVE by Gigi etsy shop is now featuring a new Pin Up collection of true vintage pieces with pin up style for swim, play, and lingerie and everything else from bombshell to rockabilly fashions. In case you are wondering, all content on my blog, Facebook and shop is PG.

Unlike mass produced pin up brands that recreate iconic looks, I am featuring vintage pieces from the 40s - 60s that exude the pin up style seen across posters, advertising and print materials of the era. While some modern reproductions are fabulous and certainly have their place, many use cheap materials or have compromised on details that give away the true age of the garment. I am excited to offer a collection that will provide that intangible, special something only true vintage garments can add - to your daily wardrobe or pin up / boudoir / burlesque photo shoots and events.

These are a just few of the pieces from the collection. It will be a permeant feature of the shop and the selection will continue to expand. 

vintage pin up circus costume

vintage pin up yellow polka dot bikini

vintage pin up burlesque costume

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Showers and May Flowers

Do you follow me on Instagram? If not, you don't know what you're missing!

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Ok, well now I guess you do know. And I'm sure you don't want to miss out anymore.

April showers bring May flowers, right?

Well, I ended this month with quite a rain cloud over my head. Long story short, no more trips to the tailors! (And more DIY sewing tutorials for you!) But I can see the beautiful flowers ahead...

...Coming up this May:

  • I have just finished the original 'party dress project pieces' (say that 3 times fast) and will reveal the last dresses momentarily
  • Two new sections of the VintageLove shop to announce - Wedding and Pin-up! I am proud that both will be true vintage, not retro recreations. 
  • However, if you like sewing reproductions I have a truckload of original 40s and 50s sewing patterns soon to be available!
  • I have a 1940s couture evening gown to restore - and fins somewhere to wear - and maybe sell, maybe
  • A 1960s wedding dress to repair - airy bohemian feel with raised embroidery on sheer chiffon
  • I am now obsessed with western wear and will have a guide to identify true 40s and 50s pieces
  • Vintage. Circus. Costumes.
  • Detailed decade style guide
  • Deco dresses! - lots of new pieces on the way. CAPES!
  • Learn a few tips and tricks to repair vintage zippers
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you return to enjoy the flowers with me! :)