Tuesday, June 3, 2014

1930s Old Hollywood Scrapbook

Grandma, a few years later in 1941,
enjoying a beer? with her girlfriends
Over the weekend I began working on a vintage summer / swimwear post for the blog. I wanted to feature a few of the 1940s beach photographs I have of my grandma, so I got out the photo box and stumbled upon a treasure I had completely forgotten I had.  In 1933/34, as a 16 or 17 year old girl my grandma was restricted to bed rest for several months. (Feeling fine but stuck in her room she actually taught herself to write with her non dominant hand!) During this time she also created a celebrity scrapbook I feel so grateful to still have.

Many of the photographs are from a 1930 / 31 issue of the "New Movie Magazine's Gallery of the Stars" which wasn't very far removed from today's tabloids. It was fun to see that relationships, weight, style,  and snarky quotes filled the pages then too, albeit with a lot more glamour and grace.

1930s old hollywood movie stars

See a many more of my favorite pages after the jump! ...including a very young Cary Grant, some juicy gossip on Mae West,  stinging criticism for Marlene Dietrich, the most beautiful pictures of Bette Davis and Mae Clark, and a page of the actresses' weight and measurements!

1930s movie star measurements

1930s actresses weight height

Shoe size 4?

Mae West Growing Up

David Manners and Kay Francis

Jean Harlow 1930s actress

Jean Harlow. Fierce even in polka dots.

Jean Muir

Jean Muir. Represent for NJ!

Carole Lombard on Stage

Seven kinds of love for that Carole Lombard dress!

Fay Wray 1930s

How gorgeous is Fay Wray in this shot? It looks like she is materializing out of some kind of heavenly sparkling fabric dream sky.

Bette Davis

Bette Davis. So stunning!

Cary Grant 30s

Cary Grant, my favorite <3

Iris Lancaster Joan Blondel

Iris Lancaster and Joan Blondel in sequins and lace! I actually have some loungewear that will be in the store soon resembling Joan Blondel's number.

Mae Clark

Mae Clark, those earrings, that hat, snow leopard. I just love everything about this photograph.

That's fully committing to the exaggerated eyebrow!

1930s wedding photograph outdoors french

How grand and dreamy and... french.

madge evans vintage cherry dress

"Madge Evans... drives a speedy coupe speedily" And I want that cherry appliqué  dress!

1930s old hollywood

I'm not sure if it because the pictures were slightly distorted but I thought this game was kind of funny. 

william blakewell

A girl could get lost in those eyes....

Marlene Dietrich 1930s

"Greta Garbo makes $9,000 a week(!) and my favorite quote from the scrap book, 'Marlene Dietrich: Mechanical doll giving illusions of beauty, which someone forgot to wind up.'"

vintage 1930s Beistle halloween decorations

This was also in the scrapbook and has set the bar for any future Halloween festivities at my house. Who wouldn't want to get their hands on that Beistle napkins and tablecloth set!


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