Saturday, September 26, 2015

Vintage Inspired Cosplay and Halloween Costumes - Dragon Con 2015

This year was my first trip to Dragon Con in Atlanta!  I was happy to see how many others cosplayed vintage characters or stylized a character in a certain era aesthetic. (See how I channeled the iconic Julie Newmar in my 1960s Catwoman cosplay.) I was too overwhelmed by my first convention experience to take many of my own photos  but I managed to find my favorites to share here for your cosplay and vintage halloween costume inspiration.

I've been wanting to make mine own retro space woman and I loved this cosplay from the Fallout Las Vegas video game! If you are unfamiliar with the game, it takes place in a post-apocalyptic future of 1950s culture. The character can be spotted on remnants of 1950s billboards for 'Rita's Cafe'.
1950s space woman cosplay  retro halloween costume
Courtesy of GCF Photography

This homage to the famous Schiaparelli lobster dress was amazing and I'm sorry that I didn't get a chance to ask her about it. It was perfect for the night at the aquarium!
Schiaparelli lobster dress 1937
Courtesy of Zachare Sylvestre

Victorian Avengers were fantastic!
Victorian Avengers cosplay halloween costume
Courtesy of ~Ealasaid~

She was a stand-out contestant in the Costuming Craftsmanship contest. The amount of hand beading was unbelievable.
Egyptian goddess cosplay
Courtesy of Eric Williams

Agent Peggy Carter was spotted all over the convention - I loved this feel of this shot...
Agent Peggy Carter Cosplay 1940s Halloween Costume
Courtesy of dolbex
...and this pair for the unexpected appearance (and super cute costume) of Angie Martinelli.
Agent Peggy Carter Cosplay 1940s Halloween Costume
Courtesy of Katie

I couldn't put this list together without including the Captain America USO girls. They even had their own section in the parade!
1940s USO Girl cosplay halloween costume
Courtesy of Emily Myers

1940s Pin up style DC Bombshells at Dragon Con 2015
Courtesy of Chris Christian

A fun 1920s spin on the DC Batman villains.
1920s flapper style poison ivy harlequin riddler
Courtesy of lt_bully

The 1950s Super Mario poodle skirt ladies and Letterman Luigi may have been my favorite group of the con!
1950s super mario nintendo poodle skirts
Courtesy of c_sherm

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

1960's Catwoman - Julie Newmar Tutorial (Vintage Halloween Costume & Cosplay)

This year I made my first trip up to Atlanta for Dragon Con! It's is everything I love in one place - and I'm hooked! The talent on display in the hallways, on the contest stage, and on the panels was fantastic. I was blown away by the number of other cosplayers who paid homage to period characters or were influenced by a vintage aesthetic. There was even a Vintage Vogue Fashion Show! I will share my favorites in another post soon, but today I want to share my costume, The classic Catwoman as portrayed by Julie Newmar in the Batman tv series that ran from 1966 - 1967. Her character is both sultry and whimsical which was very fun to cosplay. This was the first head to toe costume I completed myself, and the first bodysuit I've ever sewn. I hope my successes and lessons learned inspire you to get started on your next 1960s halloween costume or cosplay!

julie newmar catwoman costume

Trial runs to the finished cosplay at Dragon Con!)

If you're unfamiliar with Julie Newmar she was fantastic then and still fabulous now!

See how the costume, accessories, hair and makeup were put together after the jump!